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Commodity Tax

Don’t be caught off guard. Let our experts help you plan ahead and understand how commodity taxes affect your transactions.


Avoid unwanted surprises

When planning business transactions, commodity-based taxes are often overlooked or left until the last minute. This can have costly consequences.

Luckily, these consequences are avoidable with the proper skill and foresight. Our experts are highly experienced with commodity taxes, such as GST/HST, QST, PST, RST and Excise Duties. We can help you plan ahead to know how they’ll effect your transaction.

KRP’s commodity tax services include:

  • Planning to minimize commodity-based taxes on transactions within the same corporate group
  • Planning to minimize the effect of GST/HST on real property transactions
  • Assisting tax payers with CRA and provincial bodies for reviews, audits, appeals and notices of objections
  • Analyzing systems to ensure compliance with legislation
  • Analyzing import and export sales to ensure compliance with legislation
  • Filing voluntary disclosures with the Canada Revenue Agency
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