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In the face of growth and changes, we’re the steady partners you can rely on.

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Find your way forward

KRP has extensive experience working with not-for-profit organizations, large and small.

We know that operating in this sector means dealing with many uncertainties, which is a challenge to management teams and boards which already have full plates.

Our partners and managers working in this area are here to help. They have specialized training and practical experience in Canadian Accounting Standards for not-for-profit organizations. We also have team members who specialize in not-for-profit tax and GST projects.

In addition, KRPs consulting team has helped many organizations find their way through the obstacles and opportunities frequently faced by those in the not-for-profit sector.

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Ask a Professional.

At KRP, we develop meaningful knowledge of our client's unique operations, providing you with access to professionals who understand the specific challenges you encounter in your industry.