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Retirement & Estate Planning

Our team specializes in estate planning and can review your unique circumstances to provide tailored solutions for your family.

Corporate Restructuring & Estate Planning

Making important decisions about your estate

Financial planning for the future can seem intimidating and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Our knowledgeable professionals are here to guide you through the important decisions that you need to make in order to protect you and your family through retirement and beyond.

Further, if you own a family business, KRP’s accounting professionals can assist with succession planning to ensure business continuity, as well as family governance support through our family enterprise planning services. We can also work with you to develop and implement sound financial and taxation plans to enhance your personal and family wealth, minimize estate taxes, and preserve your estate for the next generation. 

Preparing for the future

Our goal is to partner with you to ensure your planning not only minimizes taxes, but also ensures you are prepared for your and your family’s future. The following are a few of the services we offer to clients to help plan for the future:

  • Retirement planning, comprehensive financial projections
  • Estate tax computations and tax minimization planning
  • Will review
  • Business valuations
  • Family enterprise advisor services
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