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Our team at KRP specializes in bridging the gap between blockchain technology and traditional accounting practices.

Blockchain technology

Helping ensure the integrity of your digital assets

Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the financial landscape, and at KRP, we're here to help you navigate it. With our specialized expertise in auditing cryptocurrency systems and transactions, we offer comprehensive cryptocurrency audits tailored to your needs. Our experienced team of accountants and blockchain experts provides accurate, transparent, and compliant audits. We understand cryptocurrency accounting and reporting, ensuring the integrity of your digital assets and regulatory compliance for businesses accepting digital payments. Our cryptocurrency audit services identify risks, and verify the accuracy of your financial records. With our guidance, you can confidently thrive in the digital economy, knowing your dealings comply with regulations and best practices.

Why Choose KRP for Your Cryptocurrency Audits?

Expertise in Blockchain Technology: Our team specializes in bridging the gap between blockchain technology and traditional accounting practices. We stay abreast of the latest developments in distributed ledger technology (DLT) and are excited to develop tools and programs to navigate this emerging landscape successfully.

In-House Custom Solutions: What sets us apart is our ability to develop custom tools and programs in-house. We code the answers to our problems, allowing us to provide unique and tailored solutions for our clients. Our in-house expert, Norma Escobar, leads the charge in understanding and applying blockchain technology to develop cutting-edge solutions.

Leading the Way in Best Practices: Norma Escobar, Senior Blockchain Developer, is our expert who oversees this technology. She was born in 1998 and built her first computer in 2008. Norma studied Business Administration and Computer Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland and holds certifications as a Certified Ethereum Developer, Certified Cryptocurrency Auditor, and a Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner. Norma has been writing code for 12 years and is the author of the most downloaded Python package for auditing the Bitcoin network. She also developed a free web app called "Open Bitcoin," which is a user-friendly program built to explore the Bitcoin blockchain more directly in Excel. Before joining KRP in2021, Norma worked at Amazon Web Services as a Cloud Technologist. As we move forward, Norma will continue to focus on developing internal infrastructure and offering "proof-of-solvency" as a service, leading the path for best practices involving digital assets and blockchain technology.

For advice about cryptocurrency audits and blockchain technology, please contact our team:

Jane Davidson, CPA, CA
Partner, Assurance & Advisory

Justin Rousseau, CPA, CA, CFA
Partner, Assurance & Advisory

Norma Escobar, BBA, AWS CCP
Senior Blockchain Developer

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